Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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don't know too much on twitter but i found this that helps:

Ok,, First some Important Bullets:

- After you get 2k followers, you will be able to follow 110% of the amount of followers that you have. " explained Below "

- How to unfollow, How to get rid of people who are not following you in Bulk: This site does it all:

- Best Twitter Marketing Software by far is http://Tweep.Net Tweep Software, I own it, i had the others and this is the only one that does not use the Twitter A.P.I that keeps getting shut down and also tiwtter shuts down their accounts,, i lost my first one from using the most popular so called Twitter Marketing Software,, Tweep.Net Is Great Because it emulates a real human and does not Use the Limited Twitter A.P.I and its the only one so far in the world.

There is a twitter hourly RATIO limit,, if you dont have 3000 to 5000+ followers
How twitter works is,, if you use the feature to follow people, then
you have a cap of 5 to 10% of your followers per hour,
hence, if you have 1000 followers, you can follow up to 100 per hour for a daily cap of 1000

and if you just message people without following them, there is no daily cap, but!
then the 5 to 10% cap would be as follows

if you have 2000 people then you can send 100-200 messages per hour.

I have another account with 15000, No software is fast enough for me to ever run out and i can
keep sending without it ever triggering the hourly cap.

the software seems to work steady along side the hourly cap at probably 3000+ ?
don't know anymore,, and it also depends on the internet connection speed you have.

if you have a fast connection then you will reach your hourly cap faster.

hence,, just build up your followers and you should be fine.

ps,, start sending out follow Friday messages on Thursday because its Friday on the
other side of the world like Australia !,, you will easily get 2000+
by late Friday night and people will still be following you from that blast through out the week

Happy Tweets.. and ps,, if you have a couple accounts,, you can run more then
one instance of the software, hence just go again to your start> tweep software and
run another instance for the separate account.

quite the powerful software.

Question: What are the Cap Limits On Following People?


Ok, what do you do when you hit 2000 followers and get this message?


Here is a quick Breakdown of the Follow Limits

  • 1,000 updates per day
  • 1,000 direct messages per day
  • 100 API requests per hour
  • Follow limit Starts At 2000

  • 1,000 total updates per day, on any and all devices (web, mobile web, phone, API, etc. )
  • 1,000 total direct messages per day, on any and all devices
  • 100 API requests per hour
If you hit a follow limit, you must balance your follower/following ratio in order to follow more people- basically, you can't follow 50,000 people if only 23 people follow you and this all starts at 2000 followers

If you follow 2100 people and you have 2000 followers then what you have to do is start deleting people you follow in order to follow any more new people. This way you will get new followers and your ratio will go up.

This is how it works

Approximate estimate:
Followers You can Follow
3000------3300 - 3600?
4000------4400 - 4900?

so when you finally hit around 4000 plus people, you can add the 1000 per day limit with no problems.

So,, My suggestion is to use a service such as TwitterKarma to delete unwanted people you follow, EG: if you follow 2100 people, i would delete 1000 of them and then you can follow 1000 more the next day without hitting the limit,, this will probably give you an extra 500 to 700 followers making your follower count 2700 - do that again EG: now that you have 2700 followers and your probably following 3000 something, go and delete another 1000 and then follow 1000 new people and the next day you will probably have 3500 something followers.

Hope this explains how to get past that dreadful twitter 2000 initial cap.